Toxin Academy Courses have been endorsed by WFNR (World Federation for Neurorehabilitation).
Endorsed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
Toxin Academy courses are accredited by Swiss Neurological Society.

Course Objectives

  • Review of normal human anatomy of neck, upper limb and lower limb muscles.
  • Muscle structure and relation between structure and muscle function.
  • Functional anatomy, normal and abnormal patterns in spasticity and in dystonia
  • Relation between muscle structure and optimal BTX injection sites
  • Muscle structure modifications in neurologic muscles and consequences.
  • Ultrasonography of normal muscles and pathologic muscles
  • Identification of target muscles with ultrasonography (neck, upper limb and lower limb muscles)
  • Learning how to use and how to optimize ultrasound machine.
  • Compare different injection techniques