Toxin Academy Courses have been endorsed by WFNR (World Federation for Neurorehabilitation).

Endorsed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
Toxin Academy courses are accredited by Swiss Neurological Society.

Toxin Academy organises 2-day practical training courses at the anatomy laboratory of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.  The main aim is to provide support in learning how to use botulinum toxin injections to treat spasticity and dystonia.
Training on anatomical preparation occupies 75% of the time devoted to the course, with the remaining 25% devoted to the theoretical part.

Experts in the field of spasticity and dystonia share their experience of patient assessment, indications and injection techniques, with particular emphasis on ultrasound-guided toxin injections.
Information on dates, location and registration can be found on our website.

Our training courses are accredited by the Swiss and/or European accreditation authorities. You can find out more about the type of accreditation.
We are part of ISNEREM and are sponsored by various societies such as WFNR, MDS...

You will also find information on the other training events organised by our association ISNEREM: motor nerve anaesthetic block training, training on anatomy and ultrasound of the face for use by injectors, and intereventional ultrasound in musculoskeletal pathologies.

Dr. Serdar Kocer
Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Ultrasonographer
Hopital du Jura