Toxin Academy Courses have been endorsed by WFNR (World Federation for Neurorehabilitation).
Endorsed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
Toxin Academy courses are accredited by Swiss Neurological Society.


Dear Colleagues and Industry Partners,

The International Society of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, ISNeReM aims to bring together all the disciplines caring for neurological disorders, their diagnosis and rehabilitation, within a congress. The society has been established in Switzerland with a group of clinicians involved in neurology.

The first congress of ISNeReM was INEREM 2015, International Neurological and Rehabilitation Meeting has welcomed 575 participants from 43 countries; 60 speakers, 375 specialists, 57 exhibitors, 63 therapists and 20 students, has been held in İstanbul, Turkey in June 4-6, 2015 with the support of our industry partners with 20 unit booths. Our society plans to keep the thematic and interdisciplinary congress to be held once in every two years.  The congresses are expected to facilitate a sharing platform for neurology specialists, therapists and surgeons.

Besides, ISNeReM aims to have short term summer schools in which the specialists and therapists will have a chance to have active practice and share their experiences. In this occasion, the second meeting ISNeReM Summer School 2016 has been held in Park Dedeman Levent Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey on June 3-4, 2016 with 90 participants from 12 countries; 14 speakers. 6 courses has been completed successfully. The main topics were “Spasticity-Dystonia from A to Z”. You may access the detailed information via  

As well as the summer schools, we will be organizing winter schools in similar concepts.

It is one of our goals to organize Toxin Academy Courses in a couple of times a year in which the participants will have the opportunity to join as small groups.

Serdar Kocer


President, ISNeReM


Hopital du Jura Porrentruy Suisse